With15 years advertising and music promo film grading, and 25 years programme  enhancement and styling I feel as though I have been envolved in every aspect of colour grading.


However I still look forward to whatever the next project brings, dedicated to achieving the desired finished look for our clients.


I have graded with all formats from Super 8 Film /Super16mm and 35mm Film, through to tape grading and now file based media up to 4k resolution.


With todays file based technologies allowing transfer from one system to another,

you can export your project to an external drive or download to the suite for a grading session here at Radiant Post .


 Join me for an attended booking, or leave your project with me, assured that I will follow your direction and put as much into every shot as time and budget allow, returning a professional final grade .  


If you would like to run any grade tests through the suite, or want any

information about the requirments for grading at Radiant Post please email:




Andy.briers@radiantpost.co.uk /  bookings@radiantpost.co.uk / steve.lucas@radiantpost.co.uk




















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